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Alberta Imaging offers two professional photographers with established portfolios and years of experience that derives the quality and professionalism we guarantee with all our services.

If you woud like to talk or contact either of the photographers please do not hesitate to email us at:


Meet Alberta Imaging Photographers

Cody Tritter:

Cody’s specialty and “best sellers” are mainly architecture and landscape photographs in which he made a name for himself by capturing some of the most surreal natural/unnatural phenomenons and diversity of architecture that different cultures offer. His most recent photography venture was to China to photograph their arts and unique architecture using the extreme spectrum between their classic “old school” and “new industrial age” as a theme. Cody has been published multiple times for his photography and ability to navigate through many photo-enhancing programs, some of these publications including Avenue Magazine, PSD Magazine, and visitor brochures at The Calgary Zoo. Being proficient in many photo enhancing programs is an attribute that anyone looking for a photographer should request as it allows you to make a cloudy day into a sunny one and add special touches to the pictures to make them stand out.

In his spare time Cody volunteers his talent to many different charities including the ARF (Alberta Rescue Foundation) Calendar fundraiser. He enjoyed working with the animals and was honored when his work was featured as the cover for the 2012 calendar. It is his passion to make a difference and finds it’s very fulfilling to use his abilities to help raise funds and support foundations such as this one.

Please feel free to visit Cody’s ‘CodyJamesPhotography’ galleries at


Allyn Roemer:

Allyn has an extensive background in the fine arts in all different mediums and techniques. She has sold/donated multiple paintings and pieces of art to restaurants, art collectors, and fundraisers throughout Alberta. Allyn has been involved with photography for a couple years now working with models, hair and makeup artists and other photographers building their personal and/or professional portfolios. She has gained the ability to find positioning and use the equipment to achieve the most unique shots and use her creative background to find the artistic details in everyday surroundings. Allyn has a career background of four years in design and over three years of project and engineer management experience with multimillion dollar projects throughout Canada and the USA. Such background has etched the practice of inordinate organization and attention to detail that she now naturally brings to any “project” or shoot.

The Alberta Imaging team is a high energy and driven team that complement each other in all the best ways. We guarantee a positive experience and a reserve of high-quality photos that have been professionally edited and customized to your needs.