Part II of our breakdown in the University of unique University of Calgary Architecture shoot.

Photographer Cody James work can be seen at or on Instagram @calgaryphotographer

Our clients at the U of C were looking for a unique perspective of the campus, no small task, they’ve had plenty of coverage of their buildings but lacked the artistic feel they sought out for this campaign, after meeting with the marketing team, Alberta Imaging performed two full day shoots, covering the campus extensively on foot looking for unique perspectives and angles. From the photographer Cody James here’s some insight to shots that he captured in those two days:

Cody James

The U of C campus offers a diverse selection of brand new, open space concept incredible buildings, and those that carry the history and age reflective of the Universities history. Walking through one of the older buildings it can be tough to find unique perspectives and looks, tucked away in a corner, and oddly on the inside of the wall was this spot. The bricks, wood, curve, and skylight stood out providing a great break in a long hallway.

Calgary Architecture Photographer (2)

Calgary Architecture Photographer (1)

Another solid breakup when making your way to the Zipper sculpture in the Science theater buildings are these grand sky lights which offer great views of the sky, surround buildings, and cast amazing shadows along the walls, and to the ground.

Calgary Architecture Photography (2)

Calgary Architecture Photography (3)

Calgary Architecture Photography (1)

One of the newest res buildings offers some great architectural feats. Similar to the famous flat iron building in NYC this building comes to a sharp point at the beginning. The sleek lines and shapes of the building are further complimented by shadows and lines across the front of the building throughout the day.

Calgary Renovation Company_-4

My favorite sculpture on campus, the Zipper, a piece by Katie Ohe is spun by students for good luck. As a photographer though it drew me for the light and motion it provided. Each individual piece of the zipper can move as one, or in different directions, the sun shining through, it really comes together and gives a feeling of the energy and liveliness of the U of C. In the first shot you can see some colour reflection, towards the bottom left of the image, this was a student making their way through the campus, map in hand, exploring what’s to come in the new academic year. All of this is fitting really and I would one day like to come back to capture this spot when it’s slightly darker outside and busier in that hallway to really capture the essence of it all, a grounded sculpture fixed in its place, in motion as students make their way throughout the campus, with students and their unique individual styles passing through, reflecting their light and energy for my camera to capture.

Calgary Renovation Company_-53

Calgary Renovation Company_-50

Bright, bold, and beautifully built, this staircase in the faculty of law is great fit in this well built and laid out building. Although probably not particularly appreciated for its design and more so fore its functionality, I really enjoyed shooting this from the top and bottom, both providing great leading lines, curves, and familiar patterns that make the overall image attractive to the eye.

Calgary Commercial Photography

What really surmounts to being the exterior wall of a class room in one of the newest, nicest, buildings on Campus, the style and design really stood out for me, great light from the outside, leading lines, a unique layout/pattern all give life and really accentuate this entire buildings great beauty.

Architecture photographer calgaryOne of my favorite shots from the shoot, maybe a bit of lucky timing, but the light and reflection provided here was a thing of beauty. A +15 of sorts on the campus which is currently under renovation provides a reflective surface but appears as if the building connected continues through in the image, a great amount of symmetry and lines really drives this to be a top image in the shoot.

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