Hey folks! Another awesome update we’re happy to share from the U of C project. Our clients we’re aiming to receive 10-15 usable images for their 50th anniversary marketing campaign and Alberta Imaging delivered them over 60! For all of our shoots we never over promise and set realistic expectations, however in a lot of instances we routinely over deliver, providing our clients much more than expected. This added value is what separates our services from a lot of our competitors. Our rates are affordable, we don’t gouge on rights grabs or print costs. If you’re looking for a professional Calgary Architecture Photographer connect with us today, we can provide a no obligation quote for your needs.

Our lead photographer Cody James work can be seen at www.codyjames.ca or on Instagram @calgaryphotographer

Our clients at the U of C were looking for a unique perspective of the campus, no small task, they’ve had plenty of coverage of their buildings but lacked the artistic feel they sought out for this campaign, after meeting with the marketing team, Alberta Imaging performed two full day shoots, covering the campus extensively on foot looking for unique perspectives and angles. From the photographer Cody James here’s some insight to shots that he captured in those two days:

Cody James


Inherently through my photography, I’ve learned the world is really a small place. A lot of us share, capture, and visualize many of the same things on a day to day basis, whether you’re in a remote (to you) area of Thailand, or walking the streets of Calgary. We often overlook the insignificant beauties, patterns, shapes, lighting, structures, architecture, etc that surround us which is often by design. For me my first realization of this was when I purchased a macro lens. In theory I thought “Great, here’s this awesome new lens, now I’ll be able to get really close to something and capture it.” when you put a macro lens in front of something like a leaf for example, you really see the beauty in nature that often goes unnoticed.

life 2 Calgary Photographer

Much like a penny, or anything on a macro level, they carry their own unique structures, patterns, reflect light differently, and give you a perspective on how intricate even the smallest things can be.

I brought that mentality into this shoot, don’t overlook anything, don’t take any spot/angle piece of light, structure, or scene for granted. Find the hidden beauties, the unique perspectives, the often overlooked spots that many walk past daily and capture them in a way that’s not only thought provoking, but could elicit conversation through interpretation, and have viewers question what they’re viewing, from what angle, and draw appreciation.

Not often overlooked, this sculpture is often being snapped by first time passerby’s, from the onset here, it was about capturing more then just the entire piece in one shot. I focused on the hand as they have incredible detail, show and evoke an emotion of strength and movement, and in the background you can see the opposite side of the piece and still understand what the original artist was trying to demonstrate.

University of Calgary

A common detail I found in a lot of the buildings that I captured were great ‘leading lines’ Pillars, finishes, edges, all driving your view one way or another, this shot taken in the Taylor Family Digital Library shows how clean and crisp the building feels, while showing the natural light, lines, and reflections that really make it stand out.

University of Calgary

The reflections in this image was hard to miss, an atrium showing great light, nature, beauty, these tall glass panes provided an excellent reflection of what’s offered behind.

University of Calgary

One of my favorite spots I came across, it felt so untouched, and I imagine most patrons using this would rip through without appreciating the lines, incoming light, uniformity in colours, and how an HVAC vent could actually enhance an image and draw your eyes upwards throughout the image.Ā  Even better is that the top view adds its own unique perspective, the yellow safety strips give more patterns and uniformity and enhance the overall look as well as compliment the blues in the rails.

Calgary Commercial Photographer-52

Calgary Commercial Photographer-58

University of Calgary

The prairie chicken offers a large variety of angles, light, and unique opportunities. Getting in close and with the right sunlight (golden hour) you can really accentuate the materials the way I believe they were intended to see, absorbing/reflecting light on itself and to your eyes. Couple this with amazing clean lines, and patterns and you’re given a great piece to shoot and work with.

University of Calgary

In front of the Olympic oval stands another unique structure, signifying the red a staple color of the U OF C this piece is walked under by hundreds daily, when trying to capture this piece, it was obvious that getting in tight would be my best in really showing some unique properties that may often be overlooked. There are long leading lines to work with, but when I threw on my zoom lens, you could really see and feel the reflections from the setting sun hitting the poles as they reflected strong bold shadows of other pieces. Normally I would capture a lot of my work under a blue sky as generally any photography under cloud coverage would give washed out skies, in this case though I felt it really complimented the bright red poles and allows you to really reflect and take in the piece.

Calgary Renovation Company_-108

Calgary Renovation Company_-107

Calgary Renovation Company_-106

An Inside/Out shot so to speak, from the outside this was captured during the blue hours, allowing the glass to really reflect the rest of the campus in front of it, while not having any harsh lighting hitting any spot in particular. The panels on the glass carry their own angles and thus from wherever you stand you’re offered a unique look at the campus behind while still being able to see through the glass and obtain a glimpse of what’s inside.

Calgary Renovation Company_-110

Again utilizing uniformity and leading lines, this shot taken from the inside (of the previous shot) gives you a glimpse outside, as well as reflections inside, the mirror above provides a reflection of the top down and in general really makes what could be a mediocre spot become unique in its own right.

Calgary Renovation Company_-109

Complimented by some personally developed Lightroom presets to really give this an almost industrial and modern look, it was nice to be able to capture a building that was unique to the rest of the campus. The caged outside allows you to capture the light coming through, while still being able to capture the amazing lines and reflections this building offers.

Calgary Commercial Photographer

This to me is where architecture shines. A spot where the light is drawn in for visitors, sleek lines, great window panels to add their own unique shadows, roof paneling that follow these lines, and lighted LEDs that draw you up what would otherwise be a mundane cement beam. This is making the most of a space by giving it light, unique colors, lines, shapes, and shadows.

Calgary Commercial Photographer-48

This space really offered a bunch of unique looks and angles. The colors inside are vibrant, clean, and bright. The windows drive in so much light during the day provide great artificial lines from the shadows to compliment the bold lines throughout. Calgary Renovation Company_-16

Touching on the thought provoking piece, this shot really exemplifies my desire to capture the building from perspectives often unseen. Inside the oval, near the washrooms in the main area there is beautiful glass work, from a distance you may catch a small glimmer of what’s outside, but getting up close really allows you to see the outside from a cool perspective, this image was just one way in which you could see the big red structure outside while still having an idea of all the other vibrant colours that compliment that space.

Calgary Commercial Photographer

These next two shots for me really showcase how perspective and angles can really demonstrate a view that we often might not take in. By framing these shots in a specific way, you’re given the lines and patterns that were intended and forced to take in and focus on these lines/patterns it provides an illusion almost of not ending and being continuous as well.

Calgary Commercial Photographer

Calgary Renovation Company_-30

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for Part II in the blog of some other shots selected by the U of C and why they stood out. If you’re looking for a Calgary Architecture Photographer connect with our team today!