Alberta Imaging has again taken on the task of launching a brand new website for a local Calgary Landscaping company Aurora Landscapes Ā  We’re proud to have brought on such a talented company landscaping company who saw our website services and commercial photography and put their trust in our services.

We specialize in Calgary commercial photography ranging from high end industrial services, products, and manufacturing processes, to commercial buildings in Calgary and also service a wide variety of real estate services.

In setting up the website for Aurora Landscapes we provided an initial consultation where we informed them of the process in setting up a website, the content that we would be creating, and how we would utilize Calgary commercial photography to optimize the visuals of their website and provide some killer website banners.

Alberta Imaging is Inbound Marketing Certified through Hubspot, this certification along with many years of SEO marketing, allows us to build websites that cater to our clients industry and generate stellar results. Since the launch of Interactive Health, the clinic routinely saw poor results on their website where their views were barely cracking the 100 per month mark. Since Alberta Imaging took the reigns on the Calgary Physiotherapy clinics website, their website has seen 10X the growth, with over 1,000 monthly viewers.

Here’s a screen capture of the finished Aurora Landscapes Ltd website, you can see the sleek presentation and designs of the theme we choose to implement over their WordPress blog, the feature sliders even feature images taken across the globe as far as China.

Commercial Photographer Calgary


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