Alberta Imaging is proud to debut and launch our new work with – We are now in charge of their social media initiatives, the redesign and management of  their website, and we provided a custom commercial photography package for marketing materials and website blogs.  This is the direction we took with Interactive Healths online web presence.

 Located in the northwest of Calgary in the crowfoot area (accessible via Crowchild or John Laurie) Interactive Health is a Physiotherapy clinic that offers acupuncture, massage, and IMS. Interactive Health has been owned and operated privately since 2004.   Live Well, Be Well, Stay Well, are what we like to tell our patients.  This is achieved through caring for your body, the only place you have to live!  Knowledge is power! Exercise, nutrition and understanding what your body is comprised of and how it works, are very important!  We strive to combine the best in health care with a variety of service providers to maximize efficiency. – In reading a small excerpt from their website we were able to discern what their core values are and wanted to convey this throughout their site. We chose a layout and look that was clean, fresh, and easy to navigate, all too often people are pressed for time and there’s nothing worse than navigating a site for contact information and being unable to retrieve within a few clicks.

In managing and administering the website in cooperation with management, we will be writing effective blogs that will generate organic search results, as well as captivate and engage clients and prospects looking for physiotherapy treatment. The same intentions will go hand in hand with the Social Media Initiatives, Interactive Health presently has a small footprint in the social media community, but with our focus on growth and engagement there is a world of opportunity to connect with clients and deliver the Interactive Health product.

The commercial photography package was the most extensive portion of the product we provided. This included everything from facility photos to shots of a skeletal system as seen in this blog: 

A lot of typical website design revolves around the use of stock images for clients, we’re focused on delivering unique content for our clients and material their clients can relate to. We were able to get a photo shoot done with the owner of Interactive Health for a blog post on healthy living for kids: – Showing the family friendly nature of the clinic and adding that personal touch both our client (Interactive Health) and their clients can relate to.

If you’re an Alberta based company looking for a website commercial photography package then look no further. Alberta Imaging offers comprehensive solutions that include custom banners, headings, blog post images, facility photos, product shots, and much more. Whether you’re a health clinic, realtor, or large scale industrial production company we have the capacity and ability to generate a photography/social media product to match and exceed your needs. Contact us for a quote and revitalize your web presence today, we’re firm believers that “It’s one thing to be present online, and another to have presence online” let us make a difference

Here’s a sample image where Alberta Imaging used some photographs from our personal inventory of local sports teams to create a website banner for Interactive Health. Website commercial Photography